Privacy Policy

We STARTVALUE PTE. LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as "Company"), will handle the personal information as follow in LIKE TIMES that we provide.

Article 1. Appropiate Scope

This Privacy Policy will be applied to all the services of LIKE TIMES(hereinafter referred to as "the Service"). With regarding to the privacy protection of an individual information handling service, it follows additional service privacy policies and service-specific privacy protection. Personal information is managed on the basis of this Privacy Policy and service-specific privacy protection.
In addition, if there is a contradiction between the present privacy policy and the service-specific privacy policy, service-specific privacy policy will take precedence. Moreover, personal information that collected by other operators such as a link destination, shall not be in the scope of this privacy policy.

Article 2. Ways of Collect and Use of Information

We will collect and use the following information in this service.

• Provided Information
We collect Email address, user name and password etc.. Collected Password etc. are encrypted in a way that can not be decoded and is securely stored and managed. The Email address will be used if members subscribed the e-mail magazine subscription and the e-mail magazine will sent to them, or will be used when noticing memebers about other services. In addition, for delivering the awards etc., we shall collect names, addresses, telephone numbers etc..

• Cookie(Cookie)
In order to improve convenience, Email address etc. will be automatically input when users try to log in, cookies will be used on maintenance and protection of this security session. In addition, for achieveing better advertisement effect, companies that partnered with us will utilize behavioral targeting advertisement in this service. Users can check the site of the company that provides behavioral targeting advertisement and the descriptions and instructions on disabling of the cookies are written on.
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• Log
When visit LIKE TIMES web site, User is generated automatically, IP address, browser type and browser language will be saved. These pieces of information analyzes the user's environment, in order to provide a better service delivery and also for preventing fraud that may interfere the provision of the normal service. Record of the search is stored and managed in a personally unidentifiable form and use in applications such as creating statistic datas.

• Help
We collect such as Email address, name, user name, PC hardware information etc.. These information will be utilized for investigation, reply and will be used for verify a user identity of an inquiry.

• GPS info
In the part of the service, we use the GPS information which is transmitted from the mobile phone etc.. If the user is using such service, it will be used in a certain applicable service range.

• Equipment Information
There will be a collection of the device information such as identification information of the terminal. These pieces of information is used for better service delivery and also for preventing fraud that may interfere the provision of the normal service. In addition, these pieces of information does not include any personally identifiable information.

Article 3. Purpose of the Information

The Company will use the collected information for the following purposes.

  • For user to be able to smoothly use the Service
  • For creating a statistical data related to use of the Service
  • For questionnaire implementation relating to the Service we are currently providing and service with a future provision.
  • For the response to inquiries from the user
  • For Notifiying the service related information etc., as well as the advertising information for other operaters who want to be an advertiser or Email magazine etc.
  • For providing the new future planning about the service
  • For the lottery and prizes of the campaign and shipping products etc.
  • For performing such as the identity verification when inquiries from the user.
  • For providing other important information about the Service etc., and for contacting if necessary

Article 4. Information Provision

We do not provide your personal information to third parties, except for the following situations.

  • If the User agreed in advance
  • If it is based on the law
  • If the user violates the Terms of LIKE TIMES service, for protecting our rights, property and service etc., personal information is determined to be disclose when there is enough evidences.
  • For protecting human life, body or property, the situation is determined to be necessary, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent from the person.
  • For the improvement or healthy growth of children and public hygiene, the situation is determined to be necessary, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent from the person.
  • In a case when local governments or the consignment of the country or the person who received the authority implement the duty which is stipulated by the law and is determined to be necessary to cooperate, and when there will be an obstacle to the execution of the office if obtaining the consent of the person.
  • Merger, demerger, the succession of the Company's business, or other reasons that the provision of personal information is included in the transfer of business.

Article 5. Entrust Information

In order to achieve purpose of use, all or part of the personal information that was collected from the user has to be entrusted to subcontractors in a necessary scope. At that time, a fully review of the eligibility of the subcontractors will be carried out, meanwhile the rules related to the confidentiality will be stipulated when contract, and system which is able to manage personal information properly will be setup.

Article 6. Joint use of Information

As we provide the Service to the user, if business partners is required, we may jointly use the personal information of the user with the business partners. In this case, the Company will interoperate with detail such as public purposes, the name of the business partners, the type of information, the name of the administrator to the user.

Article 7. User Rights

User information such as registered Email address and password has to be confirmed and modified on the service site at any time by the user. Also account can be deleted too.
If the user ask for the company about disclosure of his/her personal information that can not be confirmed on the service site, in accordance with the procedures the Company has separately determined, will be able to claim the disclosure except the following situation.

  • Disclosure may lead to a risk to the person or a third party of life, body, property or harm to other rights and interests
  • Disclosure may lead to a significant hindrance to the proper conduct of our operations.
  • Disclosure may lead to a violation of law
  • If the claim of disclosure can not confirm with the subject person
  • A result of disclosure, if the user is determined that the contents of the personal information held by the Company is not a fact, in accordance with the procedures the Company has separately determined, user will be requested a correction, addition and deletion of personal information. In that case, the Company shall carried out investigation without any delay within a necessary scope to achieve the purpose of use, to make modification, addition and deletion of the personal information on the basis of the result. In addition, if there is a request of the disclosure of personal information that can not be confirmed on the service site, user might need to pay a disclosure fee in accordance with the procedures the Company has separately determined.
  • Provision of personal information from the user to the Company is optional, but if user can not provide the necessary information, it is possible that part of the service can not be used.

Article 8. Withdrawal User Information

If you delete the account of this service, the user information will be properly treated in accordance with the relevant regulations and internal rules.

Article 9. For the Personal Information of Children

Under the age of 15 users use this Service, personal information should be inputed under the consent from parent or guardian.

Article 10. Revision of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be revised. When there is any important changes, we will notice the revised content in a clear way to the user.

Article 11. Inquiries

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or if you have any questions, complaints and inquiries concerning the handling of personal information in this service please contact us from the inquiry form.

  • June 1, 2015 enactment